WhatsApp Plus 4.15 Apk and GBWhatsapp+ free Download

WhatsApp Plus 4.15 and GBWhatsapp+
WhatsApp Plus v4.15 Apk and GBWhatsApp+ Apk latest version for Android free download. Recently Jimtechs updated there version and allows us to fully customize the application interface and can add colours we want in all points of the app. The features WhatsApp Plus for Android is going to provide you and then I’ll share the download link using which you can download WhatsApp Plus APK for free.

Version 4.15

* Bring back MOD 1.4 to show profile pics in Conversation Screen rows
* Fixed MOD 2.2.2 – 1.2.5 – 1.2.6
* Fix crash Crash when opening conversation – select contact – activating the lock – click on emoji button – make call
* If a problem occurs to send images or messages , you should delete it and install it again
* Updated the base to 2.12.453 ( Play Store )
* Ability to send documents
* Added over 100 new emoji
* Fixed unable to paste texts in “WAMOD” Text-Entry Style
* Fixed text overlapping icons in “Hangouts” Text-Entry Style
* Other fixes

Version 1.96
*The development and application interface design Almitrellal Design.
*Hide emerge, blue Asahan hide, hide health second.
*The ability to modify the application according to your taste colors(red pomegranate default).
*Add download and apply themes of making users
*Add a new and attractive icons to match the design of the new Alwats.
*Change the background of the talks to the appropriate design of the default colors.

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Version 6.96
*Themed calls tab (needs some more work)
*Themed pager
*Removed translucent mode due bugs
*Fixed new chat in FAB
*Removed MOD numbers to make place for the new color options
*Fixed auto-restart when coloring HomeActivity
*Fixed status rows (when somebody types a message and the brodcast @s.whatsapp.net)
*Other improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.93

*Themed contacts tab correctly, (scroll to the bottom and you won't see the blank line again)
*Fixed remove recent emoji's
*Probably fixed LocationPicker too
*Header still in development

Version 1.91
*Message arrival quickly

Version 1.80
What's New
*[Added] Calls UI header mods 2.1.9 to 2.2.2 (Thanks Archit Jain for hints)
*[Themed] Contacts TAB in CALLS UI
*Translucent mode in chat screen MOD 1.4 is back.! Disable it manually if KEYBOARD BUG is more important to you
*Calls UI is now enabled for ALL as a DEFAULT UI
*OLD UI option added in mod 2.0.7
*[Fixed] TEAL<=>Blue Vice versa icons for XHDPI devices
*[Fixed] Date Pending Color in main screen MOD 2.2.7D
*[Fixed] Delay in start up

Version 1.75
What’s New
Changed default user interface
PREVIEWs added for Images & Videos (without downloading like in iOS).
In app Group statistics feature added in group info screen.
New Icon added color: TEAL
New mods 2.3.0 , 2.3.4 , 2.3.5 added
Made SubMenu for PRIVACY in CALLS UI
[Fixed] 2.3.x mods not working in CALLS UI
Other bug fixes

Version 1.66
What’s New
*New REAL material design feel for LOLLIPOP users
*Themed HEADER in more screens (like Profile pic, gallery view etc). CHAT screen headers mods will apply to those screens
*CALLS UI is more themed now (If you’ve CALLS UI Disable 2.4.1 manually otherwise it will be SCARY UI)
*[Added] PRIVACY menu , HIDE notifications , Reboot Whatsapp menus to CALLS UI
*[Added] option to hide calls icon in CHAT screen Mod 1.1.19
*{Fixed}Folders to /WhatsApp/Osm
*{Fixed} 2 Icons bug in launcher
*Removed Crappy Emojis and added 43 new emojis (27 memes , 15 HIKE , 1 blank 😂)
*Removed Calls UI FAB (It’s useless now because it doesn’t work)

Download Now
WhatsApp+ - http://bit.ly/21RbDvG
GBWhatsApp- http://bit.ly/21RbFDP

Instructions for first installation

1) Open Whatsapp & Go to Settings→Chat Settings→Backup Conversations
2) Uninstall WHATSAPP
3) Download & Install Given WhatsApp Plus/Reborn's apk
4) Open it→Click AGREE & CONTINUE→Enter your number
5) If you have backed up your chat earlier then there should be RESTORE BUTTON , Press it
(If you get message like "Your app is unofficial Download from play store" then Uninstall current WhatsApp Reborn → install original whatsapp from play store → do verification process → Chat with 1-2 person → backup chats → uninstall Original whatsapp → install given WhatsApp Reborn You will definitely get RESTORE button)
6) Grab a cup of coffee cause it might take some long... Press Continue after it finishes
7) Congratulations You've successfully installed WhatsApp Reborn .! Now Explore many more features

Instructions for update

1. Simply install apk
2. If you get APP NOT INSTALLED ERROR then follow steps of FRESH INSTALLATION


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