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Sell my Structured Settlement: Frequently Asked Questions
If you are currently receiving payments from a Structured Settlement, or will be in the future, you probably have some questions about other ways in which you can benefit from those payments. While structured settlement payments are made to provide steady, long-term income, in certain situations people receiving structured settlements need access to more of their money all at once—in the form of a lump sum payment. Here are some frequently asked questions about structured settlement funding—the process that allows people to sell structured settlement payments in exchange for cash.

Is it possible to sell my structured settlement payments for cash?
It is possible; people receiving structured settlement payments can, under certain circumstances, sell their future payments to a structured settlement funding company like DRB Capital, in order to receive a lump sum of cash, giving these people access to funds sooner than they would have had they waited for their scheduled payments .

How much money can I get for my future payments?
The amount of money you can get depends on a lot of different factors. Some of those factors include how much money you will be receiving on your schedule, when that money is scheduled to come to you, and whether it will come in regularly scheduled payments or include some balloon payments spaced-out along the way. Other factors come into play as well, so you should call someone like DRB Capital to obtain more information.

How does the path to sell my structured settlement payments work?
It isn’t as complicated as you might think. That being said, there are still some steps that you would need to take. First, you would need to get into contact with a company like DRB Capital and get a quote on the amount of money we can offer to purchase your payments. Next, if you like the quote, you would need to commit to the sale of your payments with a few documents. The wonderful thing about working with DRB Capital is that we take you through the process, and we’ll work with you the whole way.

How soon can I get my money?
This is another question that has different answers depending on a lot of factors. Selling structured settlement payments requires seeking approval by a court, a process that varies from state to state. And, each case is different. However, in many cases, DRB Capital has been able to get people their money within 60 to 90 days after receiving a signed contract and other documents.

Why should I pick DRB Capital as the company to sell my structured settlement to?
There are many structured settlement funding companies out there; DRB Capital gets you your money as quickly as the law and your situation will allow. And, we are different from other companies because we understand that you don’t just want your money fast—you want to know what’s happening. We are here to help, and provide answers to any questions you might have about the process.


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